The Light That Signifies “Uh-Oh.”

Your check engine light goes on, and you get that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. Is it a major problem? Or is it something as simple as a ill-fitting gas cap? Don’t ignore your check engine light. In Woodstock, IL…call Kristensen’s at (815) 338-0860 to set up a time to read your code.

Our No-Cost Code Reading Guarantee

Let us hook up to your car, truck, crossover, or van to read your check engine light code. There is never a cost to read check engine lights at Kristensen’s, provided you go with our shop to provide the quality, experience repairs that can solve the problem. Just one more service we provide our customers.

Why Choosing A Professional Matters

There are many ways to read check engine light codes. Parts shops sometimes provide the service for free, and there are entry-level consumer models available for purchase. But consider this story told by Dan Edmonds of

“My wife’s car started running poorly and there was a Check Engine light. My code reader detected a code for the Cam Angle Sensor. I thought about buying the sensor and installing it myself, but if I had, I would have wasted time and money because it turned out that the sensor was fine. Instead, mice had gotten under the hood and had chewed some of the wires leading to it.”

Avoid the costly strategy of “throwing parts at it” by having a technician who can not only read a code, but place it into context for you. Only at Kristensen’s in Woodstock, IL.