The Signs Of Brake Problems

You hear that squeal. Or a grinding sound. The brake pedal just doesn’t feel right under your feet, or you are tired of the vibration you feel everything you come to a stop. These are all signs of required service and nobody does brake repair in Woodstock, IL like Kristensen Service Center. Call (815) 338-0860 to get your vehicle in today.

How Often Should You Get A Brake Inspection?

We recommend a brake inspection at least once a year at Kristensen’s in Woodstock, IL. This includes checking your brake pads (and/or shoes), calipers, rotors (and/or drums), wheel cylinders, hardware, hoses, cables, & fluids. Avoid problems before they become a safety issue. Get your brakes serviced in Woodstock, IL today from Kristensen’s.

Be Confident When You Hit The Pedal.

At Kristensen’s, we’ve serviced more brake systems since 1946 than we would care to count at this point. Our expert technicians have the eyes for inspection and the know-how to service your brakes with the best quality parts we can find. When it comes to brakes in Woodstock, IL, trust your vehicle to us.