Air Conditioning Service

We take care for your vehicle

Make Your Car Cool Again

Have you noticed your vehicle just isn’t cooling the way it used to?  At Kristensen’s, we provide auto air conditioning service in Woodstock, IL  to beat the heat.  The summer months in McHenry County can be brutal; don’t go another season with subpar air conditioning. Call us today at (815) 338-0860 to schedule your appointment.

Are You Getting Complete A/C Service?

The refrigerant in your vehicle’s A/C system doesn’t get less effective. If your car isn’t cooling as well as it used to, then it is time to find the leak. At Kristensen’s, we highly recommend adding our leak-detecting dye package to your evacuation and recharge. If it isn’t visible by the naked eye, you can be assured of finding future leaks to keep your car cooling at maximum efficiency.

Avoid The “Top Off” Fix

At Kristensen’s, we see more and more vehicle owners doing their own A/C top off. This skips the vitals steps of air conditioning service…like A/C compressor operation, belt inspection, leak & damage inspection of visible parts, and vacuum testing. Don’t skip these vitals steps. Let us professionally service your car’s air conditioning in Woodstock, IL today!