Oil Changes

Oil change & inspection while you wait.

Oil Changes While You Wait

We know you have a busy schedule.  Sometimes you just need to get an oil change in Woodstock, IL  without the hassle of setting aside time.  And at Kristensen’s, we can provide quick lube service in Woodstock, IL while you wait.  Call ahead at (815) 338-0860 or stop by.  We will be ready for your vehicle.

A True Vehicle Inspection, Not An Upsell

With experienced technicians servicing your vehicle, you can be assured that a complete inspection will be performed with the best eyes in the auto repair business.  Never worry about the dreaded “upsell.”  At Kristensen’s, we are honest and direct about the needs of your car, truck, or van. We’ve been in business for nearly 70 years. We don’t want to turn a quick buck; we want to earn your trust and business.

Keeping Our Customers Informed

We recommend getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles. But what about your manufacturer’s specifications on how often to change your oil? What are the differences between regular, high mileage, and synthetic oils and which one is right for you? At Kristensen’s, we will give you the answers you need to keep your vehicle on the road for a long, long time.

The Signs Of Brake Problems

You hear that squeal. Or a grinding sound. The brake pedal just doesn’t feel right under your feet, or you are tired of the vibration you feel everything you come to a stop. These are all signs of required service and nobody does brake repair in Woodstock, IL like Kristensen Service Center. Call (815) 338-0860 to get your vehicle in today.

How Often Should You Get A Brake Inspection?

We recommend a brake inspection at least once a year at Kristensen’s in Woodstock, IL. This includes checking your brake pads (and/or shoes), calipers, rotors (and/or drums), wheel cylinders, hardware, hoses, cables, & fluids. Avoid problems before they become a safety issue. Get your brakes serviced in Woodstock, IL today from Kristensen’s.

Be Confident When You Hit The Pedal.

At Kristensen’s, we’ve serviced more brake systems since 1946 than we would care to count at this point. Our expert technicians have the eyes for inspection and the know-how to service your brakes with the best quality parts we can find. When it comes to brakes in Woodstock, IL, trust your vehicle to us.

Air Conditioning Service

We take care for your vehicle

Make Your Car Cool Again

Have you noticed your vehicle just isn’t cooling the way it used to?  At Kristensen’s, we provide auto air conditioning service in Woodstock, IL  to beat the heat.  The summer months in McHenry County can be brutal; don’t go another season with subpar air conditioning. Call us today at (815) 338-0860 to schedule your appointment.

Are You Getting Complete A/C Service?

The refrigerant in your vehicle’s A/C system doesn’t get less effective. If your car isn’t cooling as well as it used to, then it is time to find the leak. At Kristensen’s, we highly recommend adding our leak-detecting dye package to your evacuation and recharge. If it isn’t visible by the naked eye, you can be assured of finding future leaks to keep your car cooling at maximum efficiency.

Avoid The “Top Off” Fix

At Kristensen’s, we see more and more vehicle owners doing their own A/C top off. This skips the vitals steps of air conditioning service…like A/C compressor operation, belt inspection, leak & damage inspection of visible parts, and vacuum testing. Don’t skip these vitals steps. Let us professionally service your car’s air conditioning in Woodstock, IL today!

Complete Auto Repair

Let us take a look under the hood.

Car, Truck, Crossover, Van…We Fix It.

At Kristensen Service Center in Woodstock, you will always find a familiar face, personalized customer service, and the kind of local auto repair  that you have been looking for. We go beyond providing diagnosis and solutions to problems with your car by focusing on the needs of our customers. If you are looking to get your problem solved efficiently in both time and cost, call us at (815) 338-0860 for service today..

Great Service & Honest Pricing.

Beyond the simple act of being friendly and helpful with our customers, we also provide you with an honest pricing system that makes sense. Not all Woodstock, IL auto repair shops will give you a great deal on the car repairs that you need. In fact, mechanics have a bad reputation because of the way some have taken advantage of their customers in the past. We want to erase that idea from your mind by always giving you an honest and reasonable upfront estimate for the work that your car needs.

The Experience To Diagnose.

We’ve been in business since 1946.  We are committed to Woodstock, IL and providing the best auto service around.  Our years in business mean we bring years of experience to the shop:  when you have that intermittent or hard to solve problem, the expert technicians at Kristensen Service Center can put their knowledge to the test and search for that answer you been seeking.  We service most foreign and domestic vehicles.

The Light That Signifies “Uh-Oh.”

Your check engine light goes on, and you get that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. Is it a major problem? Or is it something as simple as a ill-fitting gas cap? Don’t ignore your check engine light. In Woodstock, IL…call Kristensen’s at (815) 338-0860 to set up a time to read your code.

Our No-Cost Code Reading Guarantee

Let us hook up to your car, truck, crossover, or van to read your check engine light code. There is never a cost to read check engine lights at Kristensen’s, provided you go with our shop to provide the quality, experience repairs that can solve the problem. Just one more service we provide our customers.

Why Choosing A Professional Matters

There are many ways to read check engine light codes. Parts shops sometimes provide the service for free, and there are entry-level consumer models available for purchase. But consider this story told by Dan Edmonds of Edmonds.com:

“My wife’s car started running poorly and there was a Check Engine light. My code reader detected a code for the Cam Angle Sensor. I thought about buying the sensor and installing it myself, but if I had, I would have wasted time and money because it turned out that the sensor was fine. Instead, mice had gotten under the hood and had chewed some of the wires leading to it.”

Avoid the costly strategy of “throwing parts at it” by having a technician who can not only read a code, but place it into context for you. Only at Kristensen’s in Woodstock, IL.